Martin Myrtle, Instructor
made his first static line jump in 1990. Martin has made over 2500 tandem skydives, with over 4000 jumps total. Martin started working with students in 1995, and now holds USPA Tandem, Tandem Instructor Examiner, Static Line, IAD Instructor and IAD Instructor Examiner ratings. Martin also holds a Professional Exhibition Rating and jumps several demonstrations for local events each year. In 2002 Martin participated in an Iowa state record 43-way formation skydive, and in 2003 was in a 60-way formation. Martin holds a private pilot certificate. Martin is a Master Electrician, and works for the Wichita Public Schools in his spare time.  He has written a few articles for other sites.  
Willie Sinsel, Instructor and Pilot
made his first skydive in December of 1997. He has made over 2300 skydives, holds a USPA IAD Instructor rating, and is a USPA Safety and Technical Advisor. He has over 1600 pilot hours with multi engine and instrument ratings, is a commercial pilot, and Certified Flight Instructor. He is an FAA certified Senior Parachute Rigger and a former drop zone owner. Willie's wife Jen, is also a skydiver, and his daughters, Aimee and Morgan, love hanging out at the drop zone. When not at the DZ, he and his family can often be found taking advantage of breakfast fly-ins around the region. Willie owns and operates a full service auto and truck repair shop and parts store in Belle Plaine.
David Poland, Instructor
made his first jump (IAD) in April of 1998 at Skydive Wichita in Kingman KS. He thought doing the one jump would satisfy the need/curiosity about jumping, it obviously didn't. Over 2000 jumps later David is still just as excited about the next jump as he was the first. David has several Instructional ratings including Tandem, IAD, Professional Exhibition Rating (PRO), and he�s a FAA Senior parachute rigger. David works for Sedgwick County EMS when he is not out skydiving.
Mike Bradfield, Instructor
did a tandem skydive over Oahu, Hawaii in 2006. He did another tandem with Air Capital two years later, and now has over 1000 jumps and is a USPA Tandem Instructor. Mike is a Flight Test Engineer for a local aircraft manufacturer.
Steve "Robe" Roberson, Instructor
made his first jump in 1995 with Jayhawk Skydivers on Cook Field (current home of Air Capital DZ). Robe was an off and on student for ten years until he decided to stick with it in 2005, and finished his "A" license in 2006 with Air Capital DZ. Robe now has 800 plus jumps. He now holds USPA Instructor Assisted Deployment and Tandem Instructor ratings . Robe works at Hawker Beechcraft, and grew up in Andover. He likes to think that he could work as a look-a-like for The Rock, and plays the part at times, even to the point of practicing in the mirror. He says that he's been mistaken for Vin Diesel, but doesn't practice him in the mirror.
Dan Schneweis, Instructor
made his first jump at Cook Field (current home of Air Capital Drop Zone) in 1995. He didn't get serious about skydiving until 2005, and has since accumulated over 1100 jumps. Dan is a USPA Coach, and Instructor Assisted Deployment Instructor and holds a Professional Exhibition Rating. To support his skydiving habit, he works as a Registered Nurse at a local hospital.
Tim Frederking, Instructor
made his first jump in 1982 at Sky Sports in Hutchinson, Ks on a round parachute. He took the first jump course again in 1993 at Oz Sport Parachute Center in Lyons KS (this time it stuck). Tim now holds the USPA Instructor Assisted Deployment Instructional rating. He has over 1500 skydives, including 150 camera jumps, and participated in the Kansas record formation skydive in October of 2000. He lives in Salina and is a partner in Del's Electronics a retail electronics company. Tim was recently married to his skydiving student girlfriend Kim.
Mike Stillwell, Instructor
made his first jump in 1998 at Skydive Wichita, he's been a consistent regular around the DZ every since. Mike earned his USPA Instructor Assisted Deployment Instructor rating in 2012. He enjoys working with students, and jumping out of airplanes for the sheer and simple fun of it!
Jessica Callahan, Coach
started skydiving while in the Navy and living in Southern California, and now has in excess of 200 jumps. She moved back home to Hooker Oklahoma in 2011 so she could skydive with us at Air Capital Drop Zone. Jessica completed the Coach Certification Course in 2013. She's a mom of two beautiful daughters Zoe and Ohara.
Jason Rew, Pilot
is a Commercial Pilot with multi-engine, single-engine, and instrument ratings. He's had aerobatic training in the F-5, T-37, and CJ6A. Jason moved to the area from Colorado, where he was a counterdrug and search and rescue pilot in the Rockies. Now he fills his week as an experimental test pilot with one of the local manufacturing companies. Jason has flown over 800 hours in Cessna 182s, has dropped over 650 skydive loads with ACDZ, and has also made a few IAD jumps himself!
Albert Madero Jr., Pilot
Is a Commercial pilot and works at Cessna in Flight Test. He's married to Cheryl, and they have two beautiful little children.
Allen Herbert, Pilot
Is an engineer with one of the area aircraft manufacturers.
Jay Bontrager, Pilot
is a commercial pilot, with Airline Transport Pilot certificate. Jay's been flying skydivers for years, first with Skydive Wichita (Kingman Kansas) until it closed. Now with us at AC/DZ!
Jason Hewes, Pilot
is a commercial pilot and started flying skydivers in Texas. Jason relocated his family to Wichita for an engineering job with Bombardier Learjet.
Angie Myrtle
has made 3 skydives. She made a solo skydive in March of 1998 and has made 2 tandem skydives since. Although she does not consider herself a "real skydiver", Angie is very knowledgeable about the sport. If you call to make an appointment or ask questions you will generally talk with Angie.
Kent Myrtle
When Kent is at the DZ, he acts at the unofficial Small people Ambassador to all the kids passing through with their parents. He's in sixth grade (13/14) at Wichita Mayberry Middle Magnet. From K though fifth Kent was at Horace Mann Language Magnet, so he's speaks and is literate in both English and Spanish! He's a smart friendly boy, and loves to play and make new friends.
Wade Myrtle
is a very sweet boy. He's in fourth grade (13/14) at Wichita Earhart Magnet school. He loves to spend his weekends at the drop zone, playing with the kids, and helping his daddy when he can. He loves tools, and may grow up to be an airplane mechanic (brain surgeon, or fry cook).
Jen Sharp
made her first jump in 1989 at the age of 18, and became a drop zone owner (Skydive Kansas) in 1995. She's an Accelerated Freefall Instructor, Tandem Instructor Examiner, Coach Examiner, Instructor Examiner Rating Course Examiner (say that five times fast), Safety & Training Advisor, Professional Exhibition Rating, FAA Master Rigger, with over 2000 skydives.

Jen does not work at AC/DZ
Jen is listed on our Staff Page in her capacity as a USPA Coach Rating Course Examiner. She's been instrumental in the training of our staff.
Air Capital DZ, and Skydive KS are "sister DZs."

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