Solo (IAD) first jump

The Solo instructor assisted deployment (functional equivalent of static line) program is the original way to learn how to skydive. During the first jump course, you and your classmates will be taught the techniques and skills necessary to make your first skydive safe and enjoyable. The class curriculum includes detailed instruction on the operation and use of the equipment as well as practical training using a suspended harness and an aircraft mock-up.

The first jump course takes approximately four to five hours. Once class is completed, your jumpmaster will assist you in putting on and adjusting your equipment in preparation for your first skydive.

The traditional way to learn to skydive (functional equivalent to static line). Jump from 4000 feet by yourself. The IAD system opens your parachute for you. Class for this method is 4 to 5 hours, and begins at 9:00am the second and fourth Saturday of the month, or by special appointment for groups of three or more.
Minimum age 18 (bring picture ID)
Maximum weight 225 lb, h/w proportionate, and good physical condition.

Your first jump will be made from 4,000 feet; your instructor will start the deployment of your parachute as you leave the airplane. Main parachute will open in 3 to 5 seconds. After the parachute opens, you will maneuver it through the air as it gently lowers you back to Earth. You will be assisted with the canopy flight using two-way radios. After your surprisingly soft landing, you will be assisted by our staff in removing your equipment. When your jumpmaster returns to the ground, he or she will review the jump with you and will fill out your logbook. Hang onto your logbook, as it serves not only as a record of your accomplishment, but as important documentation of the training you have received as you progress toward becoming a full-fledged skydiver.

Some people make just one IAD skydive so they can count themselves among the small number of people in the world who have jumped out of an airplane. If you want to make just one skydive, and you want to do it all by yourself (as opposed to a tandem skydive), then this is the program for you! However, we hope you will continue your training toward becoming a licensed skydiver. The IAD program is the most popular training method in use and offers the lowest cost per training jump. If you continue your training under the program, you will make four more jumps with instructor assisted deployment before progressing to your first freefall skydive on which you deploy your own parachute. Over the next twelve to fourteen jumps, you will make skydives from higher and higher altitudes with freefall times extending up to forty-five seconds. During those jumps, you will be taught the basic freefall maneuvering skills you will need to be able to link up in with other skydivers. When you graduate from the program, you will be allowed to participate in formation skydives!
Questions? Give us a call, or check our FAQ page.

Give us a call at 316-776-1700 to confirm your class date.

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